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Services: Alzheimer's & Other Focused Care

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Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care

Staying at home in a familiar environment as long as possible is particularly helpful for people with cognitive impairment. By helping to maintain a reassuring and familiar routine, Home Care Assistance Lincoln’s caregivers can aid in helping clients stay calm and oriented and maintain good grooming while reducing wandering, anxiety and sleep problems. Our caregivers are specially trained using the Alzheimer’s Association’s CARES training for professional care providers. We understand and support the importance of establishing a connection with our clients through knowledge of their histories and pre-dementia live patterns. Dementia care is very personal and specific to each client in our care. Alzheimer’s and dementia care is provided with Balanced Care Method™ to foster a client’s best health.


Care For Clients With Parkinson’s

Because those with Parkinson’s can have difficulty walking, a key role for our caregivers is to support a client’s safety in his or her environment. We help ensure our clients move safely around their homes and help them dress and groom appropriately. A healthy, high-fiber diet is also encouraged to reduce constipation, a common complication of Parkinson’s. Of course, our clients with Parkinson’s also benefit from our Balanced Care Method™ which supports a client’s best health.


Diabetes Care

Care for clients with diabetes can include monitoring blood glucose, watching for signs of confusion and disorientation—a symptom of low blood sugar—and ensuring proper foot care (foot problems are common in diabetics and can become serious). Caregivers can also make certain diabetic clients follow a healthy meal plan to stabilize their illness. Physical activity is also encouraged, when practical, as this is also shown to improve overall health. Of course, our diabetic clients also benefit from our Balanced Care Method™ which encourages a client’s best health.


Hospital to Home Care

We enhance recovery from illness or surgery and reduce the likelihood of a return to the hospital with our nurse-supervised care plans for clients transitioning from hospital to home. We deliver non-medical needs and coordinate medical services to aid in rehabilitation in the comfort of a client’s own home. By ensuring good nutrition, companionship and an appropriate level of physical and mental stimulation, our caregivers can help speed healing and reduces stress while providing a graduated level of care as a client’s needs change. See our website HospitalToHomeCare.comfor more information.


Balanced Care Method™, The Foundation of Our Care

Home Care Assistance was founded on the idea that home care should not only ensure a client’s basic needs are met, but rather should be a catalyst for improving physical, mental and social well-being.

The Home Care Assistance Balanced Care Method™ (link to Balanced Care Resources Page) is a whole person approach to aging based on decades of scientific study of the longest lived people in the world. The study identified five key lifestyle elements which contribute to healthy longevity:

  • Proper nutrition,
  • Staying physically active within capabilities,
  • Staying physically active within capabilities,
  • Staying mentally active,
  • Maintaining social connections, and
  • Maintaining and having a sense of purpose.

Our Balanced Care Method™ is a “total care” approach has been proven to speed recovery. Seniors and others experiencing frailty and weakness are given the support they need to continue enjoying their customary lifestyle without worry when accompanied by one of our supportive caregivers.

Home Care Assistance Lincoln is committed to using this approach to improve the quality of life of older adults and those who are dealing with chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. We also help clients who need palliative care, orthopedic care, or care related to cancer recovery, stroke and hospital stays.

Since each client and condition, is unique, every situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Home Care Assistance Lincoln works with a client and that client’s family to develop an appropriate level of care and services that best match the individual’s needs.

Special focus is placed on the following:

  • personal care, that is, providing different levels of support for activities such as bathing and grooming;
  • making sure the client’s own environment is safe (e.g., removing hazardous items, reducing the risk of falling);
  • making sure the client is safe outdoors by reducing the risk of wandering outside without supervision;
  • communicating with the client, listening to and sharing in the client’s past experiences;
  • making sure the client is eating nutritious food (for general and digestive health)
  • ensuring the client is experiencing quality care and quality time with others.


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