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The Balanced Care Method™


The Balanced Care Method™
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There is no single explanation as to how and why some people live longer, healthier lives than others. But there is a place where people live longer and healthier than any other place on earth: Okinawa, Japan. Recently, scientists have been studying this group of seniors to see if they could learn how people can live a longer and more productive life. Home Care Assistance has developed a revolutionary and proprietary approach to senior care based on these centenarian studies.

The Balanced Care Method™ is based on studies of the extraordinarily long-lived elders in the Okinawa region of Japan. Life spans of over 100 years are not unusual in Okinawa. More importantly, people in their 70s, 80s and beyond enjoy incredible good health and independence. Excellent physical health, mental awareness, and inner calm are common among the elders studied. The Balanced Care Method™ seeks to capture some of the lifestyle factors that go towards creating such long-lived and healthy people. Its philosophy can be summed up in two words: moderation and variety.

Components of training in the Balanced Care Method™ include a focus on:

  • healthy diet
  • physical activity
  • sharp minds
  • social ties
  • calmness and purpose

The Balanced Care Method™ is an evidence-based program built on studies that demonstrate that only one-third of our healthy longevity is based on genetics and two-thirds on lifestyle factors within our control.

Home Care Assistance caregivers throughout North America are trained in the Method, offering the first senior care solution with an emphasis on balance and longevity. By working with specific lifestyle behaviors, Home Care Assistance caregivers extend and enhance the lives of seniors, helping them live longer, happier, more balanced lives.

Watch the CNN video below to learn more about the centenarians in Okinawa who inspired this movement.

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